Monday, 22 October 2007


Working on the Judge Dredd sample script at the moment... things are going well so far. Not much else to report - I'm chained to the drawing board... occasionally I venture outside and squint up at the sun, then quickly scurry back to my dungeon with my pencils and pens. It's the only way to live.


D.TAYLOR said...

My honest opinion is that it's just a small matter of a small amount of time before Tharg, in all his greatness finally makes you an art droid.
I'd love to see you inking the same page three ways...
1: the way you do it now.
2: with a bold brush.
3: with a good dip pen...say, a Hunt 107 or 102.
Then post them and see how they look. You might find a new energy and a new voice that will work to push your pages. Other than that...great stuff mate!

Jim Boswell said...

Thanks Dave! I only just noticed I had a comment (yes, almost a month later...)

I have dabbled with dip-pens before, and it was a spectacular disaster and I vowed never to touch them again haha! I'm also not too good with a brush for inking... although I have no problem painting, weird. I'll finish up this batch of samples for Tharg, then possibly look at conquering the brush/ dip-pen again!