Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Look into the eyes, not around the eyes...

Well, the Bristol con is only 3 days away - we've got the train tickets and the hotel room all booked, portfolio is choc full of arty goodness, I have new business cards and for the first time ever I'll be a "guest" rather than a punter (which means I get to swan about with a name badge on, like I'm actually a somebody in the comics industry!).

Starship Troopers goes well - just 2 more pages and I've finished my first part. My damn hand problem reared its ugly head again last week - a full day of drawing followed by over 3 hours guitar teaching... I don't recommend it. My right hand had a shooting pain through it, which lasted almost a week - I couldn't draw, play guitar or use a mouse. Almost better now though and I'm back on track.

I'll take photos at the convention and post here when I get back back - looking forward to showing my stuff to the likes of Simon Bisley, Dave Gibbons, Duncan Fegredo, Dave Taylor, etc - and most importantly of all, Tharg the Mighty. There will be a few editors from DC Comics there too, so I'll take my chances with them as well.

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