Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Trooping Onwards!

Just got my copies of Starship Troopers #9 and it looks fantastic - niiiice print job! My colours came out exactly as I wanted them to. My Stateside buddy Scott James' pages look great as well. This project was no easy ride (just ask anyone who worked on it!!!) but holding the end result in your hands gives you a real sense of achievement - very nice to have your first published comic work.

And on that bombshell, here's a sneak peek at another panel from issue #10:


Kevin Levell said...

Nice panel - intriguing!!

Congrats on the published work, especially as you are happy with the results!

I met Tharg last night - nice guy - he gave me a couple of comments on my samples, so I now have something more to aim for! Good luck with your next approach!

Scott James said...

I think he looks as we feel after this gig!!!!lol