Sunday, 26 August 2007

Hot Comic Action!

Whelp, my blog starts here...

I'm going to chronical my efforts to become a Pro comic artist in this blog! The road will be long, hard and filled with thrills and spills... and long boring hours sat at the drawing board. My first target is going to be 2000 AD - the galaxy's greatest comic. I've been a major Judge Dredd fan since I was a nipper, and to draw Old Stoney face would be a dream come true, so I've begun work on my Dredd sample pages.

First attempt will be to show the 2000AD editor Matt Smith my work at the 2007 Birmingham Comic Show (Oct 13th I think it is), so I'm working on a (hopefully strong) portfolio for this event. My trusty sidekick, the beautiful Sharon will be accompanying me on this epic quest... this will be her first comic con, so I'm going to have to prepare her for the multitude of fanboys who will gawp at her, excited by the prospect of an actual real girl in their midst. Should be fun!

So here are a couple of pages from my portfolio... I may colour a few as well, if I have time - but I'm mainly looking at b/w stuff for now:

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