Sunday, 26 August 2007


Well, this has NOTHING to do with comics, but it is VERY cool... if you've never heard of the UFC, this will mean absolutely nothing to you:

I went shopping this morning with my girlfriend in the Trafford Centre, Manchester. I was in HMV looking at DVDs, and I saw this guy who was the spitting image of Rampage Jackson (who is very famous in the USA - he's the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion of the world!) standing in line to buy something! I was thinking, there's no way that's him... then I turned round, and Michael Bisping (British UFC fighter) is stood next to me! He said "haha, bet you thought there was no way that could be him!" I was amazed, both these guys out shopping and I bumped into them. They were both really cool, very funny, and their friend took a couple of pics on my phone for me. They're both fighting at UFC 75 next week, at Wembley Arena.

So anyway, here's a couple of pics of me looking like a dork next to two of the UFC's top fighters!

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