Thursday, 21 February 2008


According to my sources, my cartoons now adorn the new food/booze menu at Revolution Vodka bars around our fair nation... and I haven't even seen it! As I have no life and never leave the drawing-board, I have one of my trusted minions out there stealing one for me as we speak. Here are a few of the caracatures (did I spell that right?) that I did for the menu. If you can't tell who they are, I haven't done my job very well have I?

All images copyright (c) Revolution 2008:

Monday, 4 February 2008

More Goldfish!

Here is a look at the finished goldfish cartoon - this was for Global Integration; you can see it used on their blog here: I've almost finished the next one too.

In other news, I'm still working on that other special little project, so stay tuned for more on that - and I may actually be published as a comic artist later this year on another project! As soon as it's a "go" I'll be posting the news here.

Booked my hotel nice and early for the Bristol comic con later this year - this time we'll be staying over two nights, so it should be less stressful than the sprint down to Birmingham last year!! We can mosey on down on Friday, and not be so knackered on Saturday morning, so I'm looking forward to that. Now it's back to the drawing-board for me...