Sunday, 25 November 2007

The Word of Tharg!

Well, word has come down from the Mighty One - he is impressed with my story-telling, but I need some work on my figures here and there - and possibly some heavier inks would help too. This is all do-able!

Luckily I also have the advice of two of Tharg's top Art Droids, who have already given me exactly what I need to forge ahead in my holy quest to become an Art Droid myself... the journey continues! I've posted my latest 4 pages above for you to see (you know, you... the 3 or 4 people who read this blog!).

My next comic work will be a strip for the small press mag Future Quake - this is a 4-pager written by Martin Hayes, and it's funny and totally crazy, just what I need. But before I can start work on that, another juicy job has landed in my lap - this time a whole bunch of cartoons for a company that makes flavoured Vodka! Ahhh, if I still drank, I'd be angling for some free samples...

In other news, I have finally begun work on re-designing my site, - it's looking good so far. Not that there's much wrong with my exisitng site, but it's been a while and it could use a facelift.

And on that bombshell...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Comedy Photo ref!

Ahh the joys of drawin' comix!

Digital cameras are the way forward - why trawl through endless web pages looking for photo ref on the net when you can persuade your girlfriend to take photos of yourself acting like a complete idiot?! I'm well and truly back on Dredd now - all my deadlines have been CRUSHED and I can finally finish a few pages of this sample script (only one and a half panels to go).

(Did the script ask for nose-picking? No it didn't, but damn it all to hell I did it anyway).

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Feeling ill, ill, ill...

Yes, feeling like utter crap this week - caught the dreaded bug going around: headaches, sore throat, you name it. BUT! The show must go on... still hammering away at the work-load, and I've finished 3 of my 4 jobs - just 2 illustrations left for the final one then I can collapse. Except I can't! Got to plow on with the Dredd script as soon as I can.

Here is a look at one of the characters I've been designing for a government website - copyright (c) ICO 2007:

Monday, 5 November 2007

I am SO in demand...

Yes, MORE work is flooding in - it seems I can't start one job without another one landing in my lap... I am definitely happy about this! The Judge Dredd script has gone on hold (agaaaain....) while I work to meet these deadlines.

I have 4 characters to design for a website, (deadline for final art is this Thursday) with another possible 4 comic strips featuring those characters (short 4 panel newspaper types). So far it's going well, and I'll post some here if I get permission. I've also been working on storyboards for another animated advertisment for Easy Jet, and there's a possible private commission of 3 illustrations in the near future, too.

As soon as I get back in the comic artist saddle, I'll post some more panels... stay tuned!!

Thursday, 1 November 2007


Yes, typical - I get stuck into the Dredd script, and a load of other work comes pouring in! I'm not complaining mind you - it's paid work, and right now that takes priority. I've just finished the latest comic strip for Manitowoc (a company that manufactures cranes) and some character designs for KinoDV.

While I'm waiting to hear back about the designs, I'm getting stuck into page 3 of the Dredd script, which is looking good, and is a TONNE of fun to draw!!! I really think this would be my dream job, so I'm going for it with everything I've got (and learning a lot along the way).